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Dog Lotus Heart Urns #2662



2662 Lotus Heart

The Lotus Heart Series is one of Terrybear's traditional urns featuring hand-engraved brass designs.
The handcrafting process utilizes a sand-casting technique that is hundreds of years old.
Depending on the design, these urns may go through as many as seven different processes
and are handled individually throughout; no two urns are exactly the same.
The Lotus Heart features a nickel plated finish with a multi-paint fill design that form
lotus flowers and a heart.
Threaded lid for secure closure.


Dimensions - 4.3" H x 3.4" W   

Cubic Inches20

Pets Weight - Up to 15 Lbs.


Dimensions - 5.3" H x 4.2" W

Cubic Inches - 40

Pets Weight - Up to 30 Lbs.


Dimensions - 6.4" H x 5.0" W

Cubic Inches - 70

Pets Weight - Up to 60 Lbs.