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Mardi Gras Custom Made Dog Costumes #MG26

# 26
 Doggy Duds

 Mardi Gras Custom Made Dog Costumes #MG26

The jester face on the above costume
is no longer available. 
We are now using one of these two photos:


(The moon face photo will be decorated with the same colorful
beads that we use on all of our Mardi Gras costumes).

More clowns & dabloons, the stuff Mardi Gras is made of!
Fido will be the hit of the parade! Bright green costume
with gold, purple and green dabloons trimmed with
Mardi Gras beads.

Please note - Your pet must have a length of at least 12" and a
girth of at least 14" in order for this costume to be made exactly
like the one shown in the photo. If your pet's girth is over 14",
then we will need to add fillers, other embellishments, to the

costume so that it does not have big bare spots.

Costume is made from light weight Broadcloth/cotton fabric.
We recommend spot cleaning only.

General Size For Prices: (based on
body length)

Small - Small/Medium - 12" - 14"
Medium - Large - 15" - 20"

Measurement Directions


Photo Option
Exact Neck Measurement
Body Length
Ear Line
Frame Height
Breed Of Dog
Date You Need To Have This Order "In Your Hands"?