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Lilac Paisley Calming Dog Collar #PCC7LP

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 Calming Collars


Lilac Paisley Design

Calming Collars are based on aromatherapy. Over the years we have developed and just about perfected two blends to help animals, in fact we have even been issued a patent on our unique design. The Calm Me Down is our most popular product. It helps the wearer relax and takes the edge off of scary situations. The Good To Go helps animals that suffer from motion sickness. Rounding out our product line are Too Cool Collars. They utilize polymer crystals that expand when wet to help keep the wearer cool.

All of these collars are made from 100% cotton fabric and are proudly made in the USA. They are safe and use the same quality herbs and ingredients as our original "people" products. Even if eaten, they will not harm your pet.

Your purchase will be custom made to fill your order. Most orders are sewn and shipped within a week.

We offer three width choices. (a single channel 1" wide, regular 2 channel 2" wide or an extra wide with 4 channel's 4"-5").




Our products are sized according to neck measurements. To order the correct size, measure your pet's neck and check the chart below. If in between sizes, order the larger size.

Size Chart:

XS fits 7" to 11"

S fits 11" to 15"

M fits 15" to 18"

L fits 18" to 22"

XL fits 22" to 26"

Other: custom sizes



Type Of Collar Option
Custom Size Instructions
Width Option For Calming Collar & Good To Go
Width Option For Too Cool Collars