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Dog Christmas Magic Rhinestone Collar # RDC

 Rhinestone Dog Collars


This red collar is a big 1" wide. It has pretty aurora borealis, emerald  
& ruby crystals.  A gorgeous collar!

Sizes are gauged by ACTUAL neck size, NOT collar size. 
Please note:  Measure the neck size by snuggly wrapping  a tape measure
around the neck. Please DO NOT add extra room for comfort, we will do
that when making your collar.
Neck Sizes:
          S (7-1/2  to 9" )
M (9-1/2  to 11")             ML (11-1/2 to 13")
L (13-1/2 to 15" )                      XL (15-1/2 to 17" )
1XL (17-1/2 to 19" )       2XL (19-1/2 to 21" )
3XL (21-1/2 to 23")      4XL (23-1/2 to 25" )
5XL (25-1/2" to 27" )              6XL (27-1/2" to 29" )
7XL (29-1/2" to 31" )   8XL (31-1/2" to 33")          
33-1/2" & larger are special order.  Please email me for a quote.
Your collar is actually made after I receive your order.  It is custom made
to your pet's neck size and will ship within 5 business days of the order.
PLEASE NOTE: 5 business days is 7 days when a weekend is included.
Please add 3 to 5 days for the package to arrive at your home after it ships.
Due to the fact that these items are custom made for your pet and not stock items,
we do not refund. We do not keep a stock of any kind, each item is made
after it is ordered.
We will exchange within 14 days of receipt  if you are unhappy for any reason. 
Collars must be in new condition in order to be eligible for exchange. 
However, if we custom make a collar for you that is NOT on our site,
we do not exchange or refund.
Of course, if we have made an error in making your collar to your specifications,
we will remake it at no charge.
Enter Your Pet's Exact Neck Measurement