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Dog Graduation Cap & Gown #GRAD1

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Dog Graduation Cap and Gown

As of April 2021

Due to Hurricane Laura we are not able to make this
graduation cap and gown. 
We sincerely apologize for this 
Please watch our website home page for the date that we will
resume making this custom and all of our other custom made costumes.

Cap & Gown - Go to the head of your class & pick up your diploma in our cap & gown-
complete with your colors & the "tassel that was worth the hassle !"

Our Graduation Cap and Gown is perfect for service dogs who accompanied their owners
to class each day, assisting them until the day of graduation.

Gown is made of Broadcloth which is a cotton mix fabric. Machine wash and dry.

Graduation cap is made from very sturdy art board and is kept on the dogs head
with two "Y" shaped straps.

Please Note - When ordering a color for the collar/stole, please indicate the shade. Example:
Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Mint Green, Hunter Green, etc. Please indicate the color in the box below.

We can make the graduation gown in another color besides a basic black.
Please indicate the color in the box below.

 Your pet's ear line measurement must be at least 3" or larger in order for us
to make this cap.  (the ear line is the distance between your pet's ears, when you lay
a tape measure flat on top of their head, in-between the ears).


General Size for Prices:
X-Small-Medium  up to 17"
Med/Large-Large/X-Large = 18" - 26"
X-large - XX-Large = 27" - 30"
XXX-large - 31" & Up
(based on body length)

Measurement Directions                         

Exact Neck Measurement
Body Length
Ear Line
Frame Height
Color of Graduation Gown, If Different Than Black
Color of Stole/Collar
Dogs Breed
Color of Tassel
Please State The Date You Need To Have This Cap & Gown "In Your Hands"