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Easter Dog Vest Custom Made with Hat Set #DDEASVEST

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   Easter Bunny Dog Vest Custom Made with Hat Set #DDEASVEST

Please Note: We have just enough of the Easter Bunny print fabric shown
in the above photo to make one vest for a small dog with a center length of
about 10" - 12" or under. We also have the above vest with a length of 11 1/2"
and a girth measurement of 14".


Below are the Easter print fabrics that we now have in stock:

  Small Easter Eggs                          Easter Baskets And Eggs

          Large Easter Eggs


Cute bunny rabbits, Easter baskets and small and large egg print fabrics will
all make adorable vests for your cute little bunny dog. All come with coordinating
 bow tie's and hankerchiefs with bunny face buttons. Top hat with coordinating
hat band completes this cute Easter vest set.

Vest is made out of Broadcloth/Cotton.
Please note - Easter Baskets and Eggs fabric have tiny bits of glitter surrounding
each of the individual eggs.


For the length measurement, only measure about half way
down your pet's back or if you prefer the vest to be a little longer
measure about 3/4 of the way down his back.

Please note - Most vest do not go the full length of the dogs back. Usually,
the center of the vest will stop about 1/2 or 3/4 the way down the dogs back.
When listing the length measurement below, please enter the exact length in inches,
that you want the vest to be on your dogs back. Keep in mind, that you are measuring
 from the base of the dogs neck down to where the center of the vest will stop.
(Not down to the end of the points of the vest).
The points of the vest will
always be longer than where the center of the vest stops.

Not every color top hat is available in every size. We will let you
know when you select the color top hat if we have one to fit the size
of your dog according to your dog's ear line measurement and the
breed of your dog.



Fabric Option
Enter Color Choice of Bow Tie, Hankerchief & Hat Band
Color Option Of Hat
Pet's Length
Exact Neck Size
Girth Measurement
Frame Height
Ear Line Measurement
Breed Of Dog